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PACS & Health Portal

India Vepro Medical Informatics (P) Ltd is a direct subsidiary of M/s Vepro AG, Germany since 1998. Vepro is one of the largest – PACS vendor having more than 4500 Installations world wide in the last 35 years.

India Vepro is focused in Hospital wide PACS & Web based PACS solutions to meet the growing demand of the Indian Healthcare Industry. India Vepro operating from Chennai & Coimbatore has its presence all over the country with over 60 Installations in the leading Institutions.

Vepro’s PACS – ‘Picture Archiving & Communication System’ is the emerging technology in health care industry. As the name suggest, PACS allows the hospital to acquire Patient diagnostic Images from various diagnostic Imaging equipment's and stored in the central Image server for digital distribution of Patients’ medical records over a computer network.

PACS improves the hospital / departmental workflow and productivity hence less cost of doing business. Any time the patient images are available in the archive and it is retrieved by just a touch of a button from when the patient revisits the hospital. Also the Image pool of different patients in PACS serves as an important tool for teaching & research at the hospitals.

With Add on Modules such as VEPRO Archive Printer and DICOM Modality Worklist, complete Workflow is achieved.

With VEPRO Archive Printer; any non-imaging data such as ECG, TMT reports, PFT reports and reports (Radiology, Cardiology, Gastro, etc.,) are also archived along with other images of the patient. Hence this forms the “Complete Electronic Medical Record” of a patient.

With integration of DICOM Modality Work-list; all the orders from the Information System is populated in the modalities, thus avoiding the duplication & errors in the patient data.—emr/index.html


The State of the Art ‘Vepro Web based PACS / EMR’ provides complete HEALTH PORTAL for all the patient’s medical records & diagnostic images on web hence the complete patient record is available 24X7. This automatically enables Tele-Medicine / Tele-Radiology over the internet for reporting and tele-consultation from anywhere, anytime via standard PCs, Laptops, Tablet PCs or Smart phones.

Vepro deploys latest technologies to upload diagnostic images, reports & other records online directly from all medical modalities such as Digital X-Ray, CT, MRI, Cathlab, Echo etc., including diagnostic reports. Thus it is possible to access complete patient medical records anywhere from the world instantly over internet.

During Tele Radiology situation, the reporting consultant can prepare their primary diagnosis report in the VHP which is archived along with the images.

Time bound invitation (By SMS & Email) is possible by the Hospital Administrator or by the Patient for sharing the images for tele consultation OR Second opinion.

It is also possible to create Patient ID card with QR Code integration, Photo.

Vepro PACS installations include in leading Medical College Hospitals, Multi & Super Speciality Hospitals across India.

Few of our Customers
GKNM Hospitals, Coimbatore PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore
Saifee Hospitals, Mumbai Government General Hospital, Puducherry
Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad Fortis Hospitas, Bangalore
Bangalore Baptist Hospitals, Bangalore NU Hospitals, Bangalore
CMC Hospital, Ludhiana Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals, Coimbatore


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