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TLD Badge Radiation Monitoring

As per Radiation Protection Rules – 2004, all occupational radiation workers need to be monitored to safe guard them from the deleterious somatic and genetic effects of ionizing radiations. This radiation monitoring is done with TLD Badges. A badge consists of 3 TLD discs. 2 types of TLD badges are available one to measure whole body dose of radiation and the other to measure the dose in the wrist.

The TLD cards are read by TLD reader which is controlled by PC and a software. The software displays the dose received by the TLD Badge in a given period. The radiation received by the person is monitored with these TLD badges. These TLD badges are to be sent for radiation monitoring once in a month / 3 months and the user gets the replacement TLD badges before the due date for sending to lab for reading.

The radiation is monitored continuously and the personnel doses should not exceed 100 mSv in a 5 year block (current year and previous 4 years).  And in any one year maximum allowable dose is 30 mSv.

If the radiation worker uses lead apron then the TLD Badge to be worn inside the lead apron. These TLD badges are not transferable, one should not use other person’s badge.



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