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X Ray Room Layout

X Ray Room Layout Normally in any hospitals, X-ray equipment are installed in an easy accessible place. Because the X-room should be reachable easily in case of emergencies. When an X-ray is taken for a patient, the patient is exposed to X-ray radiation. But the public in the vicinity of the X-ray room should not be exposed to X-ray radiation. For this all the X-ray room Layout need to be designed carefully so that adequate shielding is done for the…

TLD Badge Radiation Monitoring

TLD Badge Radiation Monitoring As per Radiation Protection Rules – 2004, all occupational radiation workers need to be monitored to safe guard them from the deleterious somatic and genetic effects of ionizing radiations. This radiation monitoring is done with TLD Badges. A badge consists of 3 TLD discs. 2 types of TLD badges are available one to measure whole body dose of radiation and the other to measure the dose in the wrist. The TLD cards are read by TLD…


Radiation Measuring Instruments

Radiation Measuring Instruments 1. What is a Radiation Measuring instrument? The Ionising Radiation Source have significant and indispensable uses in various industries to reap maximum benefits from their applications. To ensure the radiation safety of the radiation professionals, patients and public; Good Radiation Safety Practices should be followed. The most important practice is the use Radiation Measuring Instrument to measure the radiation in and around the radiation source.   2. What are the type of Radiation Measuring Instruments? Mainly there…

Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System The hospital information system plays an important role in digitalize healthcare industry and HIS is the main part of administration section. It has the various records about hospital, medicines, doctors, patients and their treatments. Generally healthcare industries are uses less IT solutions than normal industries, but uses of IT can build the hospital management growth. The total information are handling by several softwares. Every health organization should focus on their flow of information like lab, ward, front…

Radiation Survey Meter

Radiation Survey Meter Radiation Survey Meter is a portable radiation detection and measuring device to measure the “Ionizing Radiation Field“ in Dose or Dose rate. Ionizing Radiation cannot be felt by any of the sense organs of the human body, it requires a special instrument / detector to detect the radiation. Survey meter will help us to detect the various type of ionizing radiation like alpha, beta, gamma rays and neutrons. The professional people like Medical Physicist / Radiation Safety…



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