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Hospital Information System (HIS)

Hospital Information System The hospital information system (HIS) plays an important role in simplifying the workflow of hospitals by digitizing the entire operations of a hospital. Hospital information system has mainly 2 parts such as Clinical Modules and Administration modules.

The Clinical module of this system is patient centric that deals with patient appointments, registration, billing, medicines, doctors and the treatments, surgeries. The clinical part eases out the tasks for consultants thus doctors spends more time with patients and able to consult more patients as well.

Whereas the Administration module of hospital information system (HIS) handles the back office information such as Accounts, Stores, Asset management, Human resource management, Corporate Billing, Insurance billing and so on. This is an important module for the hospital management to keep track of the revenue, outstanding payments, purchases and stocks.

The success of a hospital information system lies mainly on user-friendliness. And that is possible only if the system development team consists of health care professionals, a company in the healthcare domain, has close connection with every type of staff in a hospital so that they can understand their ability.

The overall advantages of the hospital information system (HIS) are: Erroneous is greatly reduced, Customer (Patient) satisfaction increases and thus foot fall increases, Eco Friendly green system implemented by reports/ results / information are moved digitally than in a paper, dashboards help the hospital management to a greater extent.


With an approach of User Centric Solution and due to the close connections with the mixed levels of staff in a hospital, Avanttec could come out with a product which suits any type & size of hospitals. All this is possible only because, Avanttec is a Healthcare IT Organisation.

  • Complete EMR
  • Drug Interaction System
  • NABH Monthly Reports
  • Hospital Performance Analysis System
  • Real Time Revenue Tracking
  • Dashboard on Mobile
  • Tally Interface
  • Patient EMR on Cloud
  • Telecare Platform
  • IP Case sheet on Tabs
Business Clinical Interfaces Back office
1 Front Office 10 Investigation 19 Patient ID Card with Photo 26 Stores & Inventory
2 Service Billing 11 EMR 20 SMS / Email Interface 27 Asset Management System
3 Lab Inventory 12 ICD Codes 21 Tally Interface
4 X-ray Film Inventory 13 Electronic Prescription 22 Lab Equipment Interface
5 Ward 14 MRD Module 23 Bar code Interface
6 IP Billing 15 OT 24  Queue Management System Interface
7 Corporate / Insurance Billing 16 Mini PACS 25 Drug Interaction Software
8 Pharmacy Inventory & POS 17 Telecare Platform
9 Online Appointments 18 IP Case Sheet


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