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Software Development Services

Avanttec has an experienced team in web application development, we have expertise in the design and development of customized web applications.

We have experience in delivering many web applications in healthcare segment, which is very user friendly considering the profile of different users in a hospital.

Our dedicated team is available to serve you for pre development discussion and a workshop so that the requirements for the web application is clearly understood. Such a discussion is critical and very important during the development phase thus delivering a quality solution for your web application development.

We have the expertise to customize or add any new features in your legacy web applications as well.

Most critical factor for any web application development is the backend design. We have over 20 years of experience in handling many database platforms such MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL and all these are bests suited for any web application.

We have expertise in developing web applications in Microsoft platform such as C# and ASP.NET.

Also we have the expertise in developing web applications the latest tech stack such as MERN (react.js and node.js)



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