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Calibration of Radiation Measuring Instruments

AERB Recognized calibration laboratory. We have the sophisticated facility to calibrate any brand / any type of Radiation Survey Meter, Area Monitor and Pocket Dosimeters; be it either Analogue OR Digital. We have the source to calibrate upto the range of 599 mGy/hr i.e. 50 R/hr. We have tie up with a reliable & faster logistics operators for hassle free pick up & delivery to any part of the country.

It is a portable radiation detection and measuring device to measure the “ionizing radiation field “in Dose or Dose rate. Ionizing Radiation cannot be felt by any of the sense organs of the human body, it requires a special instrument/detector to detect the radiation. The survey meter will help us to detect various types of ionizing radiation like alpha, beta, gamma rays, and neutrons.

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